How can the Balloons stay inflated for longer time?

Easy. Just ask our stores to fill them with Hi-float. There is an additional charge of $0.50 for the Hi-Float but it ensures the Balloons stay float for 2-3 Days!


We fill Balloons starting $1.50 including Balloon and Foil Balloons starting just $1.50- filling only.

What’s more, you can easily select the add-ons like weight, ribbons etc once you buy your choice of Party Balloons from our Party stores.

Standard latex Balloon lasts for 4-5 hours after inflation & hence it is important to take note of the storage conditions.

How to Store Helium Balloons

Helium is sensitive to temperature changes. Cold air causes the helium to shrink, which makes the balloon appear to deflate, although it still floats. Heat can cause the helium to expand and the balloon to burst. Latex balloons are also sensitive to light, and balloons of any kind are weakened by dirt and dust.

Storage for Helium / Gas filled Party Balloons

The best place to store a helium balloon is a cool, dark room absent of wind and dust.

How to Order Party Balloons

We have an easy to fill Party Balloon order form in store. Once you place your order, a payment is required for the Balloons & the helium filling prior to collection. Please ensure you reach at your time of mention to collect the Balloons.