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Handy Relaxing Massager


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Massage Gun: Wonderful Trigger point therapy
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Alleviate sore and aching muscles and gift yourself some deep tissue release with this Deep tissue Massage Gun.

professional-grade massage gun

Tissue Massage gun

This massage gun is a professional-grade, user friendly, trigger point therapy tool that comes with six different massage heads for different parts of the body and can effectively alleviate tension and sore muscles. 


Massage gun

multi-speed wireless use

It features a quiet but powerful motor with 30 levels of intensity, a rechargeable battery so you can operate it with no cables attached and lightweight, portable design. The high torque motor is very powerful and might be too intense for some so we recommend you adjust speed as per your requirements.

This massage gun must be charged for 4-5 hours before initial use and it can operate for 20 hours continuously in one full charge. It has a high torque motor that delivers powerful, high-penetration, trigger point therapy designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body alleviating sore tissue and aching muscles.

six massage heads

It comes with six different massage heads and they are all designed to trigger different points of your body

The spherical head: for large muscle groups like the arms, back, hips, thighs, calves, and booty.

The bullet head: for impacting deep tissue and feels amazing on hands and feet.

The air-cushioned soft head: for sensitive muscles and relaxation.

The flat head: is for bulk muscle groups.

The U-shaped head: for the neck (which is an incredible experience), spine and Achilles tendon.

The D-shaped head : for abdominal muscles which sounds weird, but actually feels pretty great.

All of these massage heads are excellent in their own right and you'll come to love each of them for different reasons and the various therapeutic experiences they create. The give you a professional grade massage yourself, no therapist necessary.


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