Silver Guardian Angel Wind Chime 1pce Assorted 43cm

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What's the history behind Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes have a varied history that spans nations, countries, and applications. Wind chimes consisting of bone, wood, bamboo, and shells were discovered around 3000 BC in Southeast Asia. Chimes were considered to keep evil spirits at bay. The Chinese were the first to recognise the melodic and artistic qualities of wind chimes and bells in 1100 BC. To ward off evil spirits, the Chinese developed the skill of bell sounding, and metal bells were suspended from eaves in temples and pagodas. They were also utilised as warning signals when uncontrollable natural events, such as typhoons and tsunamis, were likely to have an impact on the environment. Chimes music was used by the Chinese to express emotions and create a peaceful and harmonious ambience. Buddhists liked to adorn temples, shrines, and pagodas with hundreds, if not thousands, of wind chimes or bells. Wind chimes went from China to Japan and then to the rest of the world in the 1800s.


Why purchase the product?

Featuring 3 guardian angels at the top along with 4 hanging bells, Silver Guardian Angel Wind Chime creates soulful melodies. Hang it above the main door to elevate your home decor.



Material: Metal Wind Chime

Colour: Silver

Size: 43 cm


How to clean?

Carefully remove the dust remnants with a Muslin cloth.


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