Ultrasonic Led Aroma Humidifier with Remote

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Aroma diffuser.
By using the ultrasonic wave, the diffuser produces water mist which can effectively diffuse the perfume of essential oil.
You can fully enjoy the perfume of essential oil, for it is not heated.
Due to small size, it can be placed on the office desk or the foyer or in a small space.

LED Light

Dimensions Approx: 168 × 121mm
Weight Approx: 520g
Power Input/Output: AC100-240V 50.60HZ/DC 24V 500MA
Length of Cord Approx: 170cm
Electric Consumption Approx: 12W
Time mode: 60/120/180/On Minutes
Tank Capacity: 500ml
Material: Upper Parts PP, Lower Base ABS
Accessories: AC Adapter & Measuring Jug; AU/NZ Plug
Method of Mist Production: Ultrasonic Vibration at approx 2.4MH

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